About Us

Snipey’s mission is to organise online job information and make it more accessible and useful.
Our goal is to simplify the connection between job seekers and employers.

Snipey is a specialised information service for professionals who want a fast and convenient way to find employment opportunities that are listed on corporate websites. The increased popularity and effectiveness of applying for jobs via the company website has created the need for unified search options and simplified access to a large number of employment opportunities from multiple corporate web sources.

Our users get the best of both worlds – the search relevance and convenience of classified job search (Job Boards) together with the scale of vertical search (Aggregators) from trusted sources. Learn more why Snipey is different from others.

Snipey patented web platform is consolidating, classifying, indexing, monitoring and daily updating jobs from thousands of career web pages directly from company websites. The unified capabilities are complemented by a set of targeted search features that help our users find real jobs faster.

The overall result is a powerful information tool that delivers scale, quality and super-simplified connection between opportunity seekers and genuine job offers.

Job seekers, employers and recruiters benefit from Snipey:

    • Job seekers and recruiters gain free and simplified access to thousands of real job offers. Professionals can further choose between using Snipey for free and subscribing to our Premium service.


  • Employers and recruiters gain free referrals of job seekers’ traffic directly to their corporate website. Advertisers can list Promoted jobs with advanced employer branding capabilities, including embedded video and 3D features.

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